What is the difference between group of two and one-to-one chat in Applozic?

Updated 11 months ago by Satadeep Biswas

From the outset, Group of Two and One-to-One chat comes around as the same; since in both cases two specific users chat among themselves. However the former is created automatically on the occurrence of any specific event based on your business logic, unlike the latter where the conversation thread is created by the user when he initiates chat with another user. 

Another important difference is, in the case of Group of Two, the conversations happening within a specific group is independent and stored as a separate thread from the other groups, even though the users in the group may be the same.

For example if User A is chatting with User B about two topics, Topic X and Topic Y, two groups will be created one for each topic; and conversations for each will be maintained as separate chat threads. That is Topic X and Topic Y will have separate threads, although the conversation is between the same set of users; User A and User B.

Group of two is extensively used by apps where there is a need to maintain individual chat sessions independently. The feature can be used in healthcare consultation apps, where every new consultation is separate from the previous one. It can also be used by On-Demand service apps like cab aggregators and home service providers where every time a new service request is made a separate chat thread is created.

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