Is there a separate price for dedicated hosting of Applozic on our own servers?

Updated 9 months ago by Devashish Datt Mamgain

Yes there is an additional price for hosting Applozic Chat on your own severs. The price for dedicated deployment consists of two components: 

  1. One-Time Setup Charge: This is a one-time fee to be paid at the time of deployment. It is determined based on the complexity of deployment, which depends on the infrastructure where Applozic chat has to be deployed. This is because we pass the SDKs through rigorous security and compliance checks prior to deployment, to ensure that it doesn't disturb any of your current server settings and is at par with your requirements.
  2. Recurring Yearly Maintenance Charge: There is an yearly maintenance charge that you need to pay in addition to the subscription charges. This encompasses periodic security and maintenance checks to ensure zero downtime and deployment of update patches, every time the SDK is updated.  

To get an estimate on overall server deployment and maintenance charges; Talk to our Solution Specialist

Hosting can be done on all cloud servers as well as on on-premise infrastructure

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