What is context based chat in Applozic?

Updated 11 months ago by Satadeep Biswas

Context based chat is a unique feature that allow users to chat about a particular topic or product, which essentially are the contexts. Context based chat is basically an extension to generic one-to-one chat. It gives users the additional flexibility to switch between different contexts, anytime during their conversation. This they can do by selecting the context from a drop down menu in the header.  

For example User A is currently chatting with User B about a particular topic viz. Topic X and midway through the conversation, they feel the need to revisit their previous conversation about Topic Y. One of them simply will have to select Topic Y from the drop down and all conversations pertaining to Topic Y can be accessed.

Context based chat is extensively used by marketplaces apps, where Buyer 1 and Seller 1 can talk about more than one product, where product is the context. This will then allow both parties to make switches from one product to the other, either to revisit the conversation or have further discussion about that particular product.  

The UI for Context based chat lists the context in the header; as illustrated below:

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