What are the different types of groups that can be created in Applozic for group chat?

Updated 11 months ago by Satadeep Biswas

At Applozic by group chat we generally mean cases where more than two users can chat simultaneously. It is possible to create 3 different types of groups with Applozic Chat SDK. Each of these groups has some fundamental differences, which make them ideal for specific use cases; as discussed below: 

Open Group: 

These groups; as the name suggests are open to everyone using the app and therefore has no restrictions to anyone participating in the group’s discussion. Therefore open groups can be used for creating open channels and forums where users can freely comment and exchange messages.

    We have seen Video Streaming apps extensively using this feature to allow users to comment and engage with fellow viewers when a video is being streamed.

    Similarly the feature can be used to create a Question and Answer app like Quora, where users can answer questions and can also be used for creating discussion forums.

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    Public Groups: 

    These groups are similar to open groups, the only difference being; in order to participate in the discussion the user needs to first join this group. Public groups are the generic chat groups that you create in messenger apps like WhatsApp, Hangouts or Slack.

    These groups are created and maintained by group of users for discussions about particular topics. The topics can vary from case-to-case and can be anything like specific products or generic topics.

    Closed Groups: 

    Unlike the former two types of groups, closed groups are held secretly and every new joinee either can join via an invitation or in other cases membership needs to be approved by the group admin.

    These groups are admin moderated and are used for specific purposes where the admin wants only specific users as a part of the group. It can be used for broadcasting and other such purposes, where the admin feels that only users who fit a certain criteria should be part of the group.

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