How can we customise the default UI or build our own UI on Applozic?

Updated 1 month ago by Satadeep Biswas

Applozic provides you two options for building your messenger, for complete flexibility on customisation. 

  1. Drop-in UI: This is a ready-made UI that comes along with our SDK and has all the essential UI components pre-built in it. The codebase for the drop-in UI is open source and gives you the flexibility on making minor modifications to it. For e.g. you can modify the theme, colour and layout of the chat screen, make changes to the button texts and more (Details below).

    Using our drop-in UI would significantly lower your development time and allow you to go-to-market fast, since all you need to do is configure the SDK and integrate it into your app.
  2. Custom UI: We also have methods for you to build your own custom UI from scratch. This gives you additional flexibility and you can achieve much higher degrees of customisability. All the features will still be available if you are using the custom UI. The custom UI feature is available on all major platforms (Details below).

    This is especially suitable for enterprises where every offering should match the brand identity.

Drop-in UI customisation link:

Custom UI documentation link:

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