How is MAU (Monthly Active Users) calculated in Applozic?

Updated 11 months ago by Devashish Datt Mamgain

We define Monthly Active User (MAU) as any user who "used" Applozic Chat Messenger, in a given month. "Used" is defined as interaction with the chat screen: sending, receiving, revisiting old messages or downloading attachments.

The calculation of MAU is independent of the number of times chat is used and depends solely on the number of users who used chat in a month. For e.g. if User A chats multiple times in a month, he will still be considered as a single unique user for calculating the MAU.  

Broadly Monthly Active User is identified by an unique User ID generated at the time of registration. Identification can also be done on the basis of any unique identifier like email id, mobile no etc.  

You can find your app's current MAU count by visiting Applozic Dashboard. The metric, as it can be seen on the dashboard in highlighted in the image below. 

For users to be considered as MAU, they need to be active on chat screen. Anyone who is registered but hasn't used chat, will not be considered for calculating the MAU.

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