Why isn't my device receiving Push Notifications from Applozic?

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There are a few different reasons your device might not receive a push notification. Check whether the following steps are configured to troubleshoot a push that doesn't seem to be sending:


  1. FCM server key is uploaded to Applozic dashboard
  2. FCM setup is done in client code
  3. Metadata is added

    <meta-data android:name="com.package.name" 
      android:value="${applicationId}" />  
    [NOTE: Please Do Not change this, it should remain same i.e. 'com.package.name']


  1. APNS certificate is uploaded on Applozic dashboard
  2. Certificate is proper according to code signing entity. Like Development/Distribution certificate and same is selected while uploading certificate on Applozic portal
  3. Verify certificate password

Test Push Notification:

You can test here whether your setup is configured properly or not. You will see a list of devices and their statuses after you pass the details.  To see the description of any status check the below list

Here is the list of statuses and their description that you might see on the test page:











SuccessEverything is configured properly and you should be receiving the notifications in that device.
MisMatchSenderIdSenderID is a unique numerical value created when you create your Firebase project, available in the Cloud Messaging tab of the Firebase console Settings pane. The sender ID is used to identify each sender that can send messages to the client app.
This error comes where there is a mismatch between Firebase and your local "google-services.json", verify that both manifests match in Firebase console. Go to "YourProject > Project OverView > Cloud Messaging" you'll see the "SenderID" which MUST match with the "google-services.json" in your Android project.

Go to the following URL to see how to verify the Server Key which is uploaded to Applozic dashboard: https://docs.applozic.com/docs/android-push-notification#section--setup-fcm-push-notification-code-in-your-android-app-
Key Store not Found(iOS)You have not uploaded your apns certificate on the Applozic dashboard. Make sure you have uploaded it for both development and distribution. Also check if the password that you have set is correct.

Check this section on where to upload the certificates.
Not Valid(iOS) APNS Device token is not coming from the device.

Check here the code that you need to add in your project.

(Android) This error comes when “Registration token” is not coming to Applozic server.
Click here to see how to generate the registration token: https://docs.applozic.com/docs/android-push-notification#section--firebase-cloud-messaging-fcm-is-already-enabled-in-my-app-

Registration Token: An ID generated by the FCM SDK for each client app instance. Required for a single device and device group messaging
401 Unauthorized
(Android) If you receive a 401 HTTP status code, your Server key uploaded to Applozic dashboard is not valid.
Invalid token(iOS) This error comes when development certificate has been uploaded in the distribution field or vice versa. So, check the type of the certificates and upload them accordingly
Received Fatal Alert: Internal_error(iOS) If the certificate is not correct like if you upload normal development certificate rather than APNS certificate then this error will come.

To verify them, check the screenshots here
Received Fatal Alert: Certificate Revoked(iOS) It means that the certificates that you have uploaded have been revoked from your side. Create new certificates and upload them again. After that, you can test the notifications.
Received Fatal Alert: Certificate_expired(iOS) It means that the certificates that you have uploaded have been expired. Create new certificates and upload them again. After that, you can test the notifications.

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